Starry Eyed: Omega Adds Coloured Meteorite Dials To Its UK Best Online Replica Omega Constellation Line Watches

The watch brand most strongly associated with space is perhaps Omega. In 1969, the brand’s Speedmaster became the first watch worn on the Moon during the Apollo 11 moon landing. But the brand’s dalliance with space and the cosmos goes back a little further. Before the Speedmaster was introduced in 1957, the brand’s flagship had been the perfect 1:1 replica Omega Constellation watches which was first launched in 1952.

It was a simpler time then. Before the quartz crisis or the massive expansion of luxury steel sports timepieces shifted paradigms, one of the chief concerns of watchmakers was inching each other out on accuracy in timekeeping. The high quality Omega Constellation fake watches by Omega take their name from the case back emblem: an observatory and eight stars. The observatory itself is the Kew Observatory, where Omega swept every category twice for its chronometer accuracy; two of the stars represent these sweeps, and six other first-place awards the brand won.

Call it a prescient bit of cosmic association. Otherwise, the historical importance of the movements of the stars and precise time measuring. This year, the Swiss brand is adding a vibrant and exclusive dimension to its top UK replica Omega Constellation collection watches. A range of 20 new models that feature uniquely coloured dials made, fittingly, from meteorite.

The source of this rare material is the Muonionalusta meteorite. Though fragments were first found in Sweden in 1906, this meteorite itself is the oldest known one on Earth with an age of over 4.5 billion. It’s an increasingly popular material for use in the dials of Swiss made Omega copy watches. Part of the reason is certainly the rarity. It’s said that the collective weight of all the meteorites known to exist on Earth is less than the gold mined and produced in a year.

Meteorite also comes with a truly unique look: a motif called the Widmanstätten pattern, which describes a pattern of faintly overlapping ribbon-like triangles and striations. It’s a unique feature of the mineral structures of meteorites which can only occur, quite literally, out of this world. And because it is a natural pattern, every piece of meteorite sliced to be used on cheap Omega replica watches is unique.

For this new series of luxury super clone Omega Constellation Meteorite watches, the brand has deployed its most advanced colour treatment technologies to add a vibrant dimension of choice. This means that the dials are offered not just in shades of grey, but a whole palette that also includes blue, green, yellow and rose gold, purple and white.

The lineup is offered in four sizes, with five options in each. The two largest are powered by 2024 AAA Omega fake watches‘ Co-Axial Master Chronometer-certified automatic self-winding movements. There’s a 41mm in stainless steel with ceramic or titanium bezels; or full Moonshine and Sedna gold, the brand’s trademarked alloys of yellow and rose gold. And there’s the 29mm with diamond-set bezels and indices; with cases in full steel, full gold, or steel-gold. The two smallest sizes in 28mm and 25mm, which come in the same configurations of diamonds and case materials as the 29mm, are powered by quartz movements.

Omega Adds A Bit Of Uniqueness To The Perfect Swiss Made Fake Omega Constellation Collection Watches UK: Introducing The Meteorite Dials

The Constellation has been in best Omega replica watches‘ collection since 1952, but it wasn’t until 1982 that it received its claws, scalloped case shape, and integrated bracelet. This Constellation “Manhattan” was designed by Carol Didisheim, who started working for Omega two years before the introduction of this watch.

Many iterations followed, with the biggest revisions being the UK AAA fake Omega Constellation ’95 (1995), Constellation Double Eagle (2003), Constellation Globemaster (2015), and modern Constellation Ladies (2018) and Gents (2020) watches.

The Omega Constellation Meteorite collection

Today, Omega has nearly 400 different luxury replica Omega Constellation references watches in its catalog in different sizes, using different movements, and with various dial colors, (precious) material combinations, diamond-set bezels and dials, bracelet combinations, straps, etc. It’s a lot, and Omega has now introduced a few more versions with beautiful meteorite dials.

Omega decided to put these meteorite dials in both quartz (25mm and 28mm) and automatic (29mm and 41mm) versions of the Constellation. Then, we’ll find them in full steel, bicolor (both yellow and rose gold combinations), and full yellow and rose gold. The 41mm yellow gold variation uses cheap Omega copy watches’ Moonshine Gold alloy.

Muonionalusta meteorite

But it’s not about the materials for the case and bracelet or movements; it’s about the dials. Omega used the Muonionalusta meteorite, which, at over 4.5 billion years old, is possibly the oldest known meteorite on Earth. The cool thing about using meteorite for dials is that every dial will be unique. It also makes ordering based on a picture or image difficult since the dial you will receive might have a slightly different structure or pattern. To avoid disappointment, go to the Omega boutique to see the top replica Omega watches in real life first and check if you like the unique dial.

Available in four sizes

Omega has treated the gold-colored dials with different Moonshine and Sedna PVD coatings to match the cases. Each of the ladies’ variations (25mm, 28mm, and 29mm) has a diamond-set bezel and diamond hour markers. The 41mm 2024 wholesale super clone Omega Constellation Gents versions watches are all without diamonds.

The 227g Moonshine Gold Constellation Gents

My favorite is the Constellation Gents in full Moonshine Gold and powered by the Master Chronometer-certified caliber 8901. This is Omega’s top-of-the-line automatic movement, featuring a rose gold rotor and balance bridge and providing 60 hours of power reserve. This 41mm Constellation comes on a full-gold bracelet with a butterfly clasp. The Swiss made replica Omega watches features a polished finish on its bevels, slender intermediate links, and case claws (or “griffe”) among mostly brushed surfaces. The bezel, however, has a sandblasted finish with raised Roman numerals.

With the Moonshine Gold PVD meteorite dial, it simply looks like one big chunk of gold. And the price? A whopping €47,000 including sales tax. This version is also available in full Sedna Gold, Omega’s rose gold alloy, and the price stays the same. You might wonder about the weight of these high quality fake Omega watches, so we got that for you as well! The Moonshine Gold Constellation weighs 227 grams, and the Sedna Gold version weighs 221 grams.

Caliber 8900 and 8901

The 41mm Constellation Gents starts at €10,400, though, with a full stainless steel model and a beautiful blue meteorite dial. Then there’s a stainless steel version with a gray meteorite dial and a black ceramic bezel with Roman numerals in LiquidMetal. Lastly, there’s 41mm Omega Constellation replica watches site with a green-colored meteorite dial and a green ceramic bezel. These versions come in at €10,700. The all-steel Constellation 41mm models utilize Omega’s in-house-developed caliber 8900.

Ladies’ models

Then there are the 29mm best quality fake Omega Constellation Ladies watches with a meteorite dial and a self-winding caliber 8700, which start at €14,400 for the stainless steel version. There are 11 diamonds on the dial, and it has a diamond-pavé bezel. The bicolor models retail for €17,800, while the full-gold version has a price of €37,400. Since the 28mm and 25mm versions use the quartz caliber 4061 and don’t have a date window, they offer one more diamond on the dial. The 25mm stainless steel version is priced at €9,400, bicolor at €12,000, and gold at €28,100. The 28mm Constellation in steel has a retail price of €10,100, with the bicolor coming in at €13,000 and the full-gold version at €30,600. All prices include sales tax.

Adding something unique

The new Swiss made Omega Constellation replica watches with meteorite dials look amazing and offer something unique. Slimming down the collection wouldn’t hurt, though, as one can also have too many options and end up not deciding at all. That said, I would keep these meteorite dials in the Constellation family. They are simply stunning!

Decoding Luxury 1:1 Omega Replica Watches UK References: 14 Magic Digits And Codification Tables Revealed

Many watch enthusiasts dream of owning at least one timepiece by Omega. Or maybe even a second or a third. The Swiss brand definitely ranks among the most popular watch firms ever.

It is in particular the chronographs – led, of course, by the legendary Swiss made Omega Speedmaster replica watches, which celebrates its sixtieth anniversary this year – that enjoy a unique reputation. Today, vintage and new models alike are more than ever sought after.

The international online community and fans of the brand have grown immensely over the past years. Entire online forums and blogs are dedicated to the brand’s timepieces in general and the iconic Speedmaster in particular – the latter in great part thanks to Fratello’s #SpeedyTuesday initiative, which even spawned AAA UK fake Omega limited edition watches.

Fans from all over the world never get tired of comparing and discussing reference numbers, tiny details, and common characteristics such as “broad arrow” or “lollipop” hands, Snoopy patches on the dial or case back, exact wording (or not) on the dial, and more, on the almost unlimited array of new and old timepieces, limited and special editions included.

Keeping track of all this is undoubtedly a challenge. And even declared Omega experts might be at odds when it comes to deciphering references.

To give you an idea of the overwhelming variety in the current wholesale replica Omega watches world, I have put together a guideline. Please note that the following list is not intended to be exhaustive or used as purchase advice.

I merely wish to shed light on Omega’s very special nomenclature as it applies to the brand’s modern perfect Omega copy watches.

Using numbered references at Omega

For identification, each top Omega replica watches model features a so-called Product Information Code (“PIC” for short), which consists of 14 digits. In the following, I refer to this as AAA.BB.CC.DD.EE.FF. The equivalent descriptions can be converted using the “codification table” and the “collection code” (see below).

The first three digits of the PIC (the “AAA”) represent the collection: “311,” for example, stands for the classic Speedmaster family.

The following two numbers of the PIC (the “BB”) relate to the case and the strap/bracelet material; “13,” for example, means that the watch is housed in a stainless steel case and equipped with a nonmetal strap.

“CC” defines the diameter, rounded up to the next digit.

“DD,” the PIC digits in fourth position, tell us in a more detailed manner whether it is a quartz or mechanical caliber. The first D provides information on the nature of the movement: whether it is a chronograph, a co-axial chronograph, or even chronometer certificated.

The second digit of the D duo refers to the number of complications, with “complication” being considered an additional indication beyond hour, minute, second, and date.

“EE” denotes the type of the dial: for instance, “01” is a simple black face, whereas “63” would be a brown dial set with precious stones.

The last two digits (“FF”) refer to the sequence number of the production.

According to this system, the long number tells us that, for example, cheap 2024 fake Omega Speedmaster Grey Side of the Moon co-axial chronograph watches (311., a grey ceramic watch on a leather strap, is part of the Speedmaster family (311).

The number 93 explains that the Omega super clone watches for sale features a case not further detailed and a non-metal strap. The “44” defines the diameter, whereas “51” informs us that it is a mechanical co-axial chronograph with one additional complication.

The numeral “99” relates to the dial material, a “special material,” while “001” is the sequence number.

Advantages and disadvantages of the system

The following information is excluded from this identification system:

    caliber types, whether automatic or manual-winding or whether a silicon escapement is on board

    special materials used for cases and dials

    whether it features the new METAS Master certification

    the production year

    the nature of the non-metal straps: from leather to textile to rubber, anything is possible

    water resistance

On the other hand, bracelets are precisely defined. In addition to the type of metal, it is also explained, whether it is a two-tone bracelet made of stainless steel and gold or whether it is set with precious stones. However, there is also no information about whether it is classic gold or the in-house Sedna gold.

This is a detail that future customers surely would want to know.

Let’s do the math

Although it seems complex at first sight and takes a little time to understand, the system still provides a reliable first assessment and support before a purchase is made. And it is kind of fun to run a reference through the system, reminding us of some early school math that looked like a pain at first sight but turned out to be okay with the help of some tools.

Nevertheless, the system leaves some questions blurry, which can only be answered by studying Omega’s collection book or in conversation with a specialist retailer. Particularly when it comes to the movement, the ticking heart of the Swiss movements replica Omega watches.

Omega Product Identification Code (PIC)


AAA — Collection code
BB — Material of watch head and bracelet/strap
CC — Diameter/size
DD — Movement and complication
EE — Dial
FFF — Sequence number 

Collection code of the principal product families

123 — Constellation
231 — Seamaster Aqua Terra
233 — Seamaster 300
212 — Seamaster Diver
215/232 — Seamaster Planet Ocean
311 — Speedmaster
331 — Speedmaster ´57
327 — Speedmaster Mark II
425 — Ladymatic
432 — De Ville Trésor

Fall In Love With 2024 Cheap UK Omega’s New Mini Trésor Fake Watches

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, OMEGA unveils its newest range of sparkling perfect replica Omega De Ville Mini Trésor watches. This romantic selection offers five individual models, each crafted with their own distinctive colours and blend of luxurious materials.

Most noticeably, each of the new best UK fake Omega Mini Trésor watches is presented on a unique strap, featuring a captivating pattern that beautifully sets it apart. For those searching for a unique and meaningful Valentine’s gift, these Mini Trésor choices are a perfect place to start.

The Mini Trésor is a firm favourite within luxury replica Omega’s women’s collection watches. As the name suggests, its compact 26 mm size delivers a slender and refined appearance on the wrist, yet the paving of diamonds and signature Roman numerals help to give each design an elevated look. Also common to all top Swiss Omega copy watches is the mirrored caseback with “Her Time” pattern, and the crown at 3 o’clock, engraved with an OMEGA flower in red hybrid ceramic and set with a single diamond.

For added gift inspiration, OMEGA has paired each of the AAA wholesale replica Omega De Ville Mini Trésor watches with a bracelet from the brand’s fine jewellery collection. From flower designs to starry bangles, these charming accessories in mixed materials could be the ultimate finishing touch alongside the super clone Omega watches for sale.

The new models include:

18K Moonshine™ Gold

  • On a black satin strap, with a domed Moonshine™ Gold dial that features a silk-like pattern. 
  • On a double tour lacquered red alligator leather strap, with a domed off-white “Grand Feu” enamel dial featuring transferred Roman numerals in red.

Stainless steel with off-white “Grand Feu” enamel dial and grey Roman numerals

  • On a double-tour lacquered black calfskin leather strap with a quilted diamond-shaped pattern. 
  • On a double-tour gold Novonappa leather strap. 
  • On a shimmering grey alligator leather strap.