Ploprof Vs. Ploprof — A Double Hands-On With The Perfect AAA Omega Seamaster 1200M Diver Replica Watches UK

The cheap UK replica Omega Seamaster Ploprof watches is partially famous for being on the wrist of FIAT boss Gianni Agnelli. Many think Agnelli wore his Ploprof over his cuff because he thought it was stylish, but it was actually because of his allergic reactions to metal on his skin.

Despite him doing this out of necessity, many have praised and copied Agnelli’s wearing style and still do, even today. I have never dared to do it (it just looks a bit weird), and I don’t suffer from any metal allergies either, so it’s not necessary.

The Seamaster Ploprof

The Omega Seamaster 600 “Ploprof” (short for “Plongeur Professionnel,” meaning “Professional Diver”) officially debuted in February 1971 and became available on the market two months later. The last iteration of the Seamaster 600 came out in 1975 and remained for sale until the stock was gone (which, in those days, took longer than in today’s world). You can read more about the original Seamaster 600 here.

The Seamaster Ploprof 1200M from 2009 till 2019

Fast-forward many years to 2009, and Omega introduced a new edition of the Ploprof. This time, it was water resistant to 1,200 meters and equipped with the brand’s then-newest in-house-developed caliber 8500. The best Omega fake watches shared the same odd design as the original Ploprof but did not have a monobloc case. Instead, Omega added an automatic helium escape valve.

Additionally, Omega replaced the red plastic bezel-locking pusher with a metal pusher and an orange anodized ring around it. This China 1:1 Omega copy watches stayed in production from 2009 till 2019 and was also (at some point) available with a white dial and bezel. Later, Omega introduced the Ploprof in titanium in several variations, which are still available today.

The Seamaster Ploprof Summer Blue

In 2023, on the island of Mykonos, Omega introduced the Summer Blue collection of Seamasters. For the 75th anniversary of this line, Omega made a special blue edition of each of its top replica Omega Seamaster watches, including a new Ploprof in stainless steel. It featured a slightly more compact O-megasteel case (read more about this alloy here) with a monobloc construction and a Master Chronometer movement inside. We covered the introduction of this new Ploprof here.

As an owner of a previous-generation stainless steel Ploprof 1200M, I decided to do a side-by-side comparison between these two dive watches.

Case dimensions

Several of my colleagues were incredibly excited to learn that the new Ploprof’s dimensions were closer to those of the original Seamaster 600 than the Ploprof 1200M. Well, surprise, it’s still a large watch. The case length (you can’t really speak of “lugs” with the Ploprof), was never a huge issue at 48mm.

Nevertheless, for the Summer Blue edition, Omega reduced it to 45mm. The diameter remains an impressive 55mm. However, the luxury Omega super clone watches‘ thickness has also been reduced for the Summer Blue edition from 17.5mm to 15.5mm.

Chunks of steel

Aside from the changes in dimensions, there are small changes to the finishing and shapes on some surfaces. If you look closely at the case profile, you will notice the semi-circular chamfers on the crown side.

On the other side, there’s also a small change in design. The surfaces appear to be a bit flatter, and the helium escape valve is positioned in the lug rather than on the case side. The shapes and finishing of the new Swiss movements replica Omega Seamaster Ploprof Summer Blue watches are truer to the original Seamaster 600 Ploprof than the previous steel and titanium Ploprof 1200M iterations.

Neither of the case backs is similar to the original Ploprof, but the former steel model has a bit more ribbing. The new Summer Blue edition has a larger medallion with an engraved image of Poseidon on it. The case back of the previous-generation Ploprof 1200M can be screwed off (and on), which isn’t possible with the monobloc case of the Summer Blue edition.

The high quality UK fake Omega watches has become a bit friendlier on the wrist, relatively speaking, of course. The new Ploprof is, like its steel predecessor, also a beast. I don’t have a preference here, but I can imagine that those with a smaller wrist circumference (mine is 18cm) prefer the new “old” dimensions of the Summer Blue.

The crown

What has also changed is the way the crown works. The previous Ploprof 1200M has a bridge that goes over the crown and functions as a crown protector. When unscrewed and pulled out, the crown is still the component you then use to correct the time.

With the Ploprof Summer Blue edition, there are basically two crowns you can turn. The large inner crown is only for unscrewing the entire winding system. Then, you can use the outer crown to correct the time. When screwing it back in, you first must position the tabs on the outer crown correctly to “click” it into the crown protector. You can then use the large inner crown to screw it all back into place.

Although the system on the former steel Ploprof 1200M is a bit quicker and more intuitive, the new Summer Blue edition has a system similar to the original 1971 Ploprof. Plus, the Omega logo on the outer crown just looks good!


As the name suggests, the Ploprof Summer Blue edition has a blue (sun-brushed) dial, blue hands, a blue pusher for the bezel lock, and a sapphire-crystal bezel insert with a blue diving scale. It even comes on a blue ISOfrane-type rubber strap. The hour markers are a very light shade of blue instead of white, giving the face of the Ploprof a very blue hue.

Although the original 1971 Ploprof also had a blue dial, the Summer Blue dial has little to do with that due to the sun-brushed finishing and the lighter blue elements. Also, the famous orange hand had to make way for something blue. It’s also worth mentioning that this Ploprof Summer Blue does not have a date window, unlike the original Ploprof from the ’70s.

The stainless steel Ploprof 1200M (2009–2019) has a black dial with a glossy finish and metal-framed hour markers. It also has nothing in common with the original, but it gives the AAA Omega replica watches a bit more of a neutral look. Between 4 and 5 o’clock, you will find a date window, whereas this was originally positioned at 3 o’clock.

I have nothing much against a date at that position as it doesn’t interfere with the hour marker at 3 o’clock, but I prefer the Ploprof without a date. What this steel Ploprof 1200M does have is the large orange minute hand. In my opinion, this is a very distinctive feature of the Ploprof, but I also understand that it would not look good on the Summer Blue edition.

Strap and bracelet

When Omega introduced the Seamaster Ploprof 1200M in 2009, the advertising materials showed it on an orange rubber strap. It was available with that orange rubber strap, a black rubber strap, and a stainless steel “shark mesh” bracelet. I purchased mine with the stainless steel bracelet and added the orange and black rubber straps later on.

I use the mesh bracelet most often despite it increasing the weight to nearly 280 grams (with all the links). And let me tell you, that’s heavy. I don’t mind a hefty watch and even prefer one over very lightweight 2024 online Omega fake watches, but I can imagine it is not for everyone.

The Ploprof Summer Blue edition is only available on the blue rubber ISOfrane-style strap and weighs 183 grams (according to our office scale.) The strap is quite soft and comfortable on the wrist. I decided to try the mesh bracelet from my Ploprof 1200M, which would fit the Summer Blue, and it did, so there you go. You can try to source one for your Summer Blue. Just keep in mind that it’s a different grade of steel.

Despite the impressive weight of the Ploprof on a bracelet, I prefer to wear it that way. Omega’s Ploprof bracelet is incredibly well made and has an easy extension system and an additional diver’s extension to wear over your neoprene suit.


After several decades of using modified ETA calibers, with and without the (1999) Co-Axial escapement, Omega introduced its first in-house-developed movement in 2007. Having first powered the De Ville Hour Vision, it quickly found its way to other replica Omega watches for men as well, such as the steel Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M. It has a silicon balance spring, two barrels for 60 hours of power reserve, and a 25,200vph operating frequency. The movement was also certified by COSC as a chronometer.

In 2015, Omega introduced the 8900 (date) and 8912 (no-date) movements, which were based on the caliber 8500. The 8912 powers the titanium Ploprof 1200M models but also found its way into the 2023 Ploprof Summer Blue edition. This movement uses more antimagnetic components and ensures the Swiss made fake Omega watches is resistant to 15,000 gauss. The Ploprof Summer Blue is Master Chronometer certified by METAS, which includes the regular COSC certification as well.

Needless to say, I have a preference for the 8912 movement. It’s an upgrade of the 8500, and the Master Chronometer certification adds some reassurance. In addition to antimagnetism, the METAS Master Chronometer certification also covers the watch’s water resistance (with an additional 10% margin during the test), power reserve, and performance of the movement between 33% and 100% of the power reserve.

Availability and pricing

The last known retail price of the wholesale replica Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M watches in stainless steel was €8,100 in 2019. And for that, you’d get a lot of wristwatch. The current price of the titanium Ploprof 1200M series is €12,000 / CHF 12,400. For the Summer Blue edition, the use of new movements and materials (O-Megasteel) comes at a premium, of course, and then there’s the strong Swiss franc that we’re suffering from now. These result in a retail price of €15,800 / CHF 13,500 for the Ploprof Summer Blue.

As for availability, Omega discontinued the steel Ploprof 1200M ref. in 2019, so it is now only available through the pre-owned market. The asking prices are above the last known retail price, and on Chrono24, we them between €8,000 and €10,000 in good condition. Interestingly enough, at the time of publishing this article, only a dozen or so are on offer.

Deliveries of the new Swiss China fake Omega Ploprof 1200M Summer Blue ref. watches are slowly taking place for those on the waiting list, so it might take a while before we see them on display in the boutiques.

The new Ploprof Summer Blue edition reignited interest in this iconic diver from Omega. It being closer in size to the original than my previous edition made me slightly envious, to be honest. I am not so much bothered by the slightly larger case thickness and width of the previous steel Ploprof 1200M, but the mentioned (subtle) design changes and monobloc case are things I love about the new Ploprof.

Decoding Luxury 1:1 Omega Replica Watches UK References: 14 Magic Digits And Codification Tables Revealed

Many watch enthusiasts dream of owning at least one timepiece by Omega. Or maybe even a second or a third. The Swiss brand definitely ranks among the most popular watch firms ever.

It is in particular the chronographs – led, of course, by the legendary Swiss made Omega Speedmaster replica watches, which celebrates its sixtieth anniversary this year – that enjoy a unique reputation. Today, vintage and new models alike are more than ever sought after.

The international online community and fans of the brand have grown immensely over the past years. Entire online forums and blogs are dedicated to the brand’s timepieces in general and the iconic Speedmaster in particular – the latter in great part thanks to Fratello’s #SpeedyTuesday initiative, which even spawned AAA UK fake Omega limited edition watches.

Fans from all over the world never get tired of comparing and discussing reference numbers, tiny details, and common characteristics such as “broad arrow” or “lollipop” hands, Snoopy patches on the dial or case back, exact wording (or not) on the dial, and more, on the almost unlimited array of new and old timepieces, limited and special editions included.

Keeping track of all this is undoubtedly a challenge. And even declared Omega experts might be at odds when it comes to deciphering references.

To give you an idea of the overwhelming variety in the current wholesale replica Omega watches world, I have put together a guideline. Please note that the following list is not intended to be exhaustive or used as purchase advice.

I merely wish to shed light on Omega’s very special nomenclature as it applies to the brand’s modern perfect Omega copy watches.

Using numbered references at Omega

For identification, each top Omega replica watches model features a so-called Product Information Code (“PIC” for short), which consists of 14 digits. In the following, I refer to this as AAA.BB.CC.DD.EE.FF. The equivalent descriptions can be converted using the “codification table” and the “collection code” (see below).

The first three digits of the PIC (the “AAA”) represent the collection: “311,” for example, stands for the classic Speedmaster family.

The following two numbers of the PIC (the “BB”) relate to the case and the strap/bracelet material; “13,” for example, means that the watch is housed in a stainless steel case and equipped with a nonmetal strap.

“CC” defines the diameter, rounded up to the next digit.

“DD,” the PIC digits in fourth position, tell us in a more detailed manner whether it is a quartz or mechanical caliber. The first D provides information on the nature of the movement: whether it is a chronograph, a co-axial chronograph, or even chronometer certificated.

The second digit of the D duo refers to the number of complications, with “complication” being considered an additional indication beyond hour, minute, second, and date.

“EE” denotes the type of the dial: for instance, “01” is a simple black face, whereas “63” would be a brown dial set with precious stones.

The last two digits (“FF”) refer to the sequence number of the production.

According to this system, the long number tells us that, for example, cheap 2024 fake Omega Speedmaster Grey Side of the Moon co-axial chronograph watches (311., a grey ceramic watch on a leather strap, is part of the Speedmaster family (311).

The number 93 explains that the Omega super clone watches for sale features a case not further detailed and a non-metal strap. The “44” defines the diameter, whereas “51” informs us that it is a mechanical co-axial chronograph with one additional complication.

The numeral “99” relates to the dial material, a “special material,” while “001” is the sequence number.

Advantages and disadvantages of the system

The following information is excluded from this identification system:

    caliber types, whether automatic or manual-winding or whether a silicon escapement is on board

    special materials used for cases and dials

    whether it features the new METAS Master certification

    the production year

    the nature of the non-metal straps: from leather to textile to rubber, anything is possible

    water resistance

On the other hand, bracelets are precisely defined. In addition to the type of metal, it is also explained, whether it is a two-tone bracelet made of stainless steel and gold or whether it is set with precious stones. However, there is also no information about whether it is classic gold or the in-house Sedna gold.

This is a detail that future customers surely would want to know.

Let’s do the math

Although it seems complex at first sight and takes a little time to understand, the system still provides a reliable first assessment and support before a purchase is made. And it is kind of fun to run a reference through the system, reminding us of some early school math that looked like a pain at first sight but turned out to be okay with the help of some tools.

Nevertheless, the system leaves some questions blurry, which can only be answered by studying Omega’s collection book or in conversation with a specialist retailer. Particularly when it comes to the movement, the ticking heart of the Swiss movements replica Omega watches.

Omega Product Identification Code (PIC)


AAA — Collection code
BB — Material of watch head and bracelet/strap
CC — Diameter/size
DD — Movement and complication
EE — Dial
FFF — Sequence number 

Collection code of the principal product families

123 — Constellation
231 — Seamaster Aqua Terra
233 — Seamaster 300
212 — Seamaster Diver
215/232 — Seamaster Planet Ocean
311 — Speedmaster
331 — Speedmaster ´57
327 — Speedmaster Mark II
425 — Ladymatic
432 — De Ville Trésor

Watch Review: High Quality Swiss Fake Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M 39.5MM ‘Summer Blue’ Watches UK

In mid-2023, Swiss Omega announced a special set of 11 watches produced in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Omega “Seamaster” collection. That number of “special edition” Omega replica watches for sale (not limited, per se, but produced only for a certain amount of time) is a testament to how large the current “Seamaster” collection is. Under this name aegis, Omega has watches ranging from daily-wear elegant sports timepieces to serious underwater tool watches. At any given time, Omega has dozens of “Seamaster” family watches in production, including various models from the Seamaster Planet Ocean family, such as the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M 39.5mm “Summer Blue” (Ref. that I am reviewing here today. The Planet Ocean collection is designed as a tool-focused daily-wear diver’s-style watch that nicely straddles the world of wristwatch utility with that of fashionable style. One of the newer members of the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean family is this smaller-sized model for men. Omega also produced an even smaller 37.5mm wide Seamaster Planet Ocean with mainly women wearers in mind. That said, most legacy cheap UK fake Omega Planet Ocean watches are in 44mm-wide range.

Many people don’t know that when Omega originally released the Seamaster name, it was not attached to a serious tool or diver’s watch. My understanding is that, in 1948, Omega wanted to offer a “weekend watch” that would provide a wearer luxury and style but also be able to handle getting wet and playing with the kids. Thus, the Seamaster was really a lifestyle watch from the start, and it only later merged with the serious diving tool watches that Omega would later become well-known for. Why the Planet Ocean needs to be the “Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean” versus just “Omega Planet Ocean” is a topic for another debate, but it is interesting for me to observe how brand product family names evolve over time.

Omega has intentionally changed little about the Seamaster Planet Ocean over the last decade or two. The top replica Omega watches continue to have similar case shapes and dials which are inspired by vintage Omega diving timepieces. This includes the hour markers, placement of the few Arabic hour numeral markers, and the “broad arrow” style hands. What Omega has done over the years is improve the construction quality of its Planet Ocean watches while continuing to use ever-upgraded in-house automatic movements. Of course, Omega has also experimented with a large assortment of colors and sizes for its Seamaster Planet Ocean models.

Those with smaller wrists are going to be very happy that Omega decided to make a “full performance” mid-size version of the Planet Ocean. By that, I mean this under-40mm-wide version of the Planet Ocean still has 600 meters of water resistance and a modern in-house Omega automatic movement. Personally, I very much prefer the larger 43-44mm wide (or larger) versions of the Planet Ocean that Omega produces. I recently wore the 6,000-meter water-resistant Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep and was delighted by its larger proportions. For me, the 39.5mm Planet Ocean has somewhat strange proportions given that it tries to pack a larger watch in a smaller package. A lot of wearers prefer the look of the Planet Ocean dial to that of, say, an Omega Aqua Terra (which is just “Planet Ocean” in Latin) or an Omega Seamaster 300M. For that reason, Omega apparently feels compelled to make as many of its watches as possible in as many sizes as possible. That makes sense from a commercial perspective, but I do think consumers who are interested in an Omega Seamaster but aren’t sure where to land have some confusing choices to sort through. Best 1:1 copy Omega dive watches tend to offer a consistently good wearing experience, so what you end up choosing is often just a matter of style.

The “Summer Blue” color effect on this Seamaster 75th anniversary version of the 39.5mm wide Planet Ocean is pretty. The colors are somewhat different on the various 11 different Summer Blue models, but the core theme seems to be experimenting with multiple shades of blue on the same dial while maintaining effective legibility. Thus, the “blue on blue” color theme works pretty well and is epitomized by this wholesale 2024 replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M 39.5mm Summer Blue watches. The dial is brushed blue ceramic with a gradient effect. The uni-directional rotating bezel is also in blue ceramic but polished and in a darker hue. Omega opts for pretty blued hands and hour markers, painted with a lighter blue Super-LumiNova color. The only non-blue colors in the watch are the steel for the case and bracelet. Overall, I think that Omega did a lovely job with the colors and the price premium for the “Summer Blue” edition of the 39mm wide Seamaster Planet Ocean is only about $300 more than other “standard” versions of the 39mm wide Seamaster Planet Ocean.

The watch itself remains one of the most durable smaller-sized diver’s watches around. Omega was careful not to strip out anything of importance in the smaller-sized case for the Planet Ocean. That means the case maintains its 600 meters of water resistance and its manual helium release valve. This latter feature is both antiquated and vestigial for most watch-wearing purposes. Omega maintains this feature because the extra crown at the 10 o’clock position for the valve has become a distinctive visual feature of all Omega fake watches for men in the Planet Ocean collection. Maintaining recognizable “profiles” is a key effort needed today by any luxury watch brand such as Omega.

Size-wise, this version of the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m is 39.5mm wide, 14.2m thick, and has a 45.6mm lug-to-lug distance. Aside from the thickness (which can’t be helped and is part of the overall personality of this piece), that is a pretty small footprint on the wrist for a serious diver’s watch. Over the dial is an AR-coated domed sapphire crystal, and over the back of the luxury Omega super clone watches is a special engraved caseback (with Greek mythology’s Poseidon on his seahorse chariot) instead of an exhibition window to view the movement. Note that standard versions of the Seamaster Planet Ocean 39.5mm 600M have a sapphire crystal exhibition caseback.

The watch case and bracelet weigh a hefty 194 grams, which makes for a very solid-feeling watch. The bracelet is attractive and very comfortable but basic in its overall three-link design. Omega places its handy micro-adjust system inside the fold-over push-button deployant clasp. Using this micro-adjust feature allows you to expand or contract the bracelet size by several millimeters, all the while not changing the look of the 2024 online Omega replica watches. I say this because certain micro-adjust systems wear awkwardly (due to space in the deployant clasp) if the bracelet is in an “expanded” position.

Inside the perfect fake Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 39.5mm Summer Blue watches is Omega’s in-house, METAS-certified Caliber 8800 automatic “Co-Axial Master Chronometer.” Anti-magnetic and highly accurate, the caliber 8800 movement operates at 3.5Hz with 55 hours of power reserve. The movement uses a silicon regulation system and is nicely decorated (in case you ever have a chance to open up the caseback and look at it). The automatic movement provides the time along with the date.

Where Omega should take the Seamaster Planet Ocean from here is a difficult question to answer. Omega must keep the Planet Ocean fresh while keeping it the same. That is a tall order, and luxury watchmakers like Omega have responded by using the opportunity to experiment with colors, sizes, and materials. For a lot of people, this just over 39mm-wide size for the Planet Ocean is exactly what they have been looking for. I am happy that Swiss made Omega replica watches makes this size, but I (with my smaller 6.75-inch wrist) still prefer the larger Planet Ocean models. The “Summer Blue” color theme is particularly pretty, but most versions of the 39.5mm Seamaster Planet Ocean will wear similarly. For an even more compact wearing experience, consider the watch on one of Omega’s excellent matching rubber straps. Price is certainly on the more premium side, these days, and the reference Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 39.5mm 600M Summer Blue watch is $7,400 USD.

Conan O’Brien Wearing AAA Best ‘No Time To Die’ Omega Seamaster Replica Watches UK On Podcast With President Joe Biden

There are a number of known 1:1 UK Omega replica watches lovers out there that we haven’t really covered in great detail and Conan O’Brien is one of them – though his collection is something of a mystery. As a passionate enthusiast of Late Night television, and the drama that surrounds it (I’ve read “The Late Shift” and “The War For Late Night” several times over), I’ve long tried watch spotting Conan’s cheap Omega fake watches at the famed desk but with little luck. Outside the confines of his studio, he’s been known to wear Rolex and a mystery black PVD number among other pieces.

O’Brien, a true icon of Late Night, has successfully pivoted into the wildly popular world of podcasting via his show Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend, where he brings on notable names in the industry under the guise of a pseudo-interview to become Conan’s friend. Of course, it’s all schtick and what unfolds in the episodes are some of the most entertaining conversations in the space. He has managed to create one of the most popular podcasts out there, and for good reason. And it’s through the pod that we spotted Conan wearing one of the more recognizable pop-culture-centric top Swiss replica Omega watches in recent memory behind a desk… the Resolute desk.

That’s right, O’Brien managed to get a pretty powerful guest on his latest episode, President of the United States (and fellow high quality Omega copy watches collector) Joe Biden. In images Conan released after the episode aired, there are two photos of the pair: one in the throes of conversation, and another in the Oval Office with O’Brien seated at the President’s famed desk.

It’s in this photo where I was able to clearly see a watch I thought I had spotted on previous episodes of the pod: The Swiss movements replica Omega Seamaster Diver 300m “No Time To Die” watches, so named because it served as the final Bond watch worn by Daniel Craig in No Time To Die. Craig famously helped in the design process of the watch.

The perfect fake Omega watches takes the form of the regular-production Diver 300m series but with notable differences. The case is made from titanium, it comes on a mesh bracelet, features an aluminum fully-lumed bezel insert, bears touches of faux patina, and has the iconic broad arrow symbol on the dial surface along with a closed caseback engraved as if it were an issued watch. It’s also a time-only edition, meaning there is no date window at six o’clock.

It’s interesting to see O’Brien wearing this Omega super clone watches for sale because it begs the question as to whether he owns it because he is a die-hard James Bond fan or because he just loves the watch. I mean, it’s truly one of the coolest watches Omega makes and there’s a case to be made to own it even if you have no connection to the franchise.

Also given that it seems his watch choices are a bit off-the-beaten-path, a titanium, special luxury Omega Seamaster replica watches certainly tracks for him. It also just looks awesome on his wrist. But then there’s one massive reason that I can’t help but think led to O’Brien choosing this watch for the occasion.

As we have pointed out a couple of times, the blue Omega Seamaster Diver 300m – the original Bond Seamaster – is a personal favorite of President Biden and can be seen on his wrist often throughout his duties as President. In fact, if you look closely at the video clips from his episode of the podcast, you can just barely see that Biden is also wearing his Seamaster. A truly cool moment in the intersection of cheap 2024 Omega fake watches, politics, and popular culture.