Luxury UK Fake Omega Watches’ Laboratoire De Précision Could Set The New Standard In Swiss Chronography

For more than half a century, any Swiss-made chronograph looking for the highest level of accreditation was stuck for choices, with just the Contrôle Officiel Suisse Des Chronomètres (COSC) available to brands looking to test their mechanical movements against their local rivals.

It’s led to Swiss Luxury watchmakers Omega replica watches for sale taking a rather bold leap forward in the already established world of haute horologie… by introducing their own independent testing facility, the Laboratoire de Précision.

The Laboratoire de Précision has been officially authorised by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) to carry out alternative testing of best UK replica Omega chronograph watches and novel mechanical movements. It’s been set up by OMEGA, a Swiss luxury watch brand steeped in horological history, and has become synonymous with producing top Omega fake watches of the highest quality.

According to AAA online replica Omega watches, the Laboratoire de Précision will serve as a neutral testing facility independent of the Swiss Maison and available to all luxury watchmakers.

It will be complete with cutting-edge technology that will seek to improve and enhance the already high standards for which the Swiss chronograph market is renowned. This flexible in-hour technology will carry out high-precision measurements within varying conditions such as positions and temperatures, offering a more comprehensive and accurate reading of chronometric performance for perfect Omega copy watches than ever before.

Perfect Swiss Fake Omega Speedmaster Watches UK – From The Earth To The Moon: History And Models

The AAA Omega Speedmaster replica watches is a timepiece with an extraordinary history that takes us from Planet Earth to the outer reaches of space. Its association with space exploration began when it became the first wristwatch to be worn on the Moon during NASA’s Apollo 11 mission in 1969. Since then, the Speedmaster has become an iconic symbol of precision, reliability, and commitment to innovation.

The Speedmaster’s significance in NASA’s piloted space missions cannot be overstated. Its exceptional performance in extreme conditions, ranging from the intense heat of re-entry to the freezing cold of space, has earned it the admiration and trust of astronauts. Its ability to withstand rigorous testing and remain accurate in zero gravity has made it an essential tool for astronauts undertaking space missions.

The UK top Omega Speedmaster fake watches‘ reputation for reliability has been consistent since its beginning. The Speedmaster isn’t a luxury watch as much as it was the first tool watch, a watch designed for rugged environments and difficult situations. Its chronograph function and durable build have made it the watch of choice for explorers venturing beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Its distinctive black dial, stainless steel bracelet, and automatic movement embody the spirit of adventure and create a timeless look.

As we trace the legacy of the cheap replica Omega Speedmaster watches, we honor its connection to the brave astronauts who have relied on its accuracy during some of the most significant moments in space history. From the moonwalk of Neil Armstrong to the Apollo 13 crisis, the Speedmaster has not only witnessed these iconic events but has also played a crucial role in ensuring their success. For those who seek a timepiece that is not only a companion but also a piece of history, the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is the choice that bridges the gap between our world and the wonders of outer space.

History of Omega and the Speedmaster

The history of luxury Omega copy watches dates to its humble beginnings in 1848 when the La Generale Watch Company was founded by Louis Brandt in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. What started as a small workshop soon became a renowned watchmaking powerhouse known for its precision and craftsmanship.

One of the significant milestones in Omega’s history came in 1879 when they formed a partnership with another esteemed watchmaker, Audemars Piguet. This collaboration allowed both companies to share resources and expertise, further cementing Omega’s reputation as a manufacturer of exceptional timepieces.

Omega’s reputation grew even stronger when they became the official timekeeper for the British Royal Flying Corps in 1917. Their precision and reliability were vital in assisting pilots with navigation and mission timings, making Omega an integral part of aviation history.

The association with precision and timing continued when Omega became the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games in 1932. Their accurate timing technology and commitment to excellence have made them an integral part of this iconic global sporting event ever since.

Omega’s timepieces have also made their mark in popular culture, particularly through their association with the famous fictional spy, James Bond. The stylish and reliable Swiss movements Omega replica watches worn by Bond further solidify the brand’s reputation as a symbol of sophistication and precision.

Through its consistent pursuit of innovation and commitment to producing exceptional timepieces, Omega has established itself as a global leader in the watchmaking industry. The history of Omega is intertwined with the Speedmaster, which has become an iconic symbol of precision, reliability, and a testament to human achievements both on and off the Earth.

The Early Years

The early development of the Omega Speedmaster marked a significant chapter in the brand’s history and its association with space exploration. In the early 1960s, NASA was seeking a durable and accurate timepiece for their astronauts to wear during space missions. Omega answered the call and submitted several 1:1 fake Omega watches for rigorous testing.

Among the contenders, the Omega Speedmaster emerged as the chosen watch for NASA’s astronauts. Its robust construction and precise chronograph functionality made it the ideal companion for their space ventures. In 1965, the Speedmaster made its debut in space on the wrist of astronaut Ed White during the Gemini IV mission.

However, it was during the Apollo program that the Speedmaster would etch its name in history. On July 20, 1969, astronaut Buzz Aldrin wore his Omega Speedmaster reference 105.012 as he set foot on the lunar surface, becoming the first watch to be worn on the Moon.

The high quality Omega Speedmaster super clone watches became synonymous with the Moon landings, as it was worn by astronauts on subsequent Apollo missions. Today, these “Moon watches” are highly sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

It’s worth noting that earlier Speedmaster models, such as the 105.012 and 145.012, are often referred to as “pre-Moon” Speedmasters, as they lack the inscription found on later models that commemorate their association with the Moon landings. These replica Omega watches for sale hold a special place in the hearts of collectors, representing a piece of history before the iconic lunar connection was added.

Omega Speedmaster – Newer Models

In addition to its historic significance, the Swiss made Omega Speedmaster fake watches has also evolved over the years with a range of later models that cater to different tastes and preferences. One such iteration is the Omega Speedmaster Automatic, which brings a modern touch to the classic design.

Another popular variation is the Omega Speedmaster Reduced, which features a smaller case size compared to the traditional Speedmaster. Despite its reduced proportions, this model still exudes the same timeless appeal and is a great option for those with smaller wrists.

For those looking for a sportier and more vibrant aesthetic, the Omega Speedmaster Racing replica watches wholesale are the perfect choice. These models draw inspiration from the world of motorsports and feature bold colors and striking design elements. Notably, Omega has collaborated with legendary racing driver Michael Schumacher to create special editions that bear his name.

One notable representative within the Racing line is the Omega Racing model with the 42mm Speedmaster Professional case. This watch combines the robustness and functionality of the original Moonwatch with the energetic spirit of racing. Whether you’re a fan of motorsports or simply appreciate an adventurous and stylish timepiece, the Omega Speedmaster Racing models offer a unique and dynamic take on the iconic Speedmaster design.

The Automatic and Reduced Models

The Omega Speedmaster Automatic Racing models bring a dynamic and sporty flair to the iconic Speedmaster collection. Featuring a smaller case size of 38mm, these timepieces offer a more compact and versatile option for those with a preference for a sleeker fit.

While the Professional models are renowned for their larger size, the Automatic Racing models cater to those seeking a more refined and understated aesthetic. The smaller case size ensures a comfortable wear on the wrist without compromising on style or functionality.

One notable collaboration in the Speedmaster Racing line was with legendary racing driver Michael Schumacher. Omega produced a Racing model with a 42mm case and the Omega calibre 3301 movement in 2003, paying homage to Schumacher’s illustrious career. These limited-edition best quality replica Omega watches feature striking design elements and incorporate Schumacher’s personal touch.

The Automatic Racing models also boast a carbon fiber dial, adding a touch of contemporary allure to the timepiece. The incorporation of carbon fiber lends these fake Omega watches store a sporty and dynamic vibe, reflecting their inspiration from the world of motorsports.

In summary, the Omega Speedmaster Automatic Racing models combine a smaller case size with a sporty design and vibrant aesthetic. With their unique features and inspired collaborations, these timepieces are a perfect choice for watch enthusiasts looking to make a statement on and off the track.

Two Years Later — How Good Is The Current UK Luxury Replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatches?

In early 2021, Omega introduced the current Speedmaster Professional model in stainless steel. Although I was able to resist my urge to buy one at first, I pulled the trigger in August 2021 and added a fresh, new perfect replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatches 310. — the standard version with a stainless steel bracelet and Hesalite (acrylic) crystal — to my collection.

How good is the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch 310.

In this article, I will share my thoughts on the current Moonwatch and whether I am still as enthusiastic as I was two years ago during the introduction. You might want to read this article if you are looking for a side-by-side comparison between the previous best UK fake Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatches and the current one, but I will explain several of the differences here. I will also get into the price hikes since its introduction, which is a hot topic sometimes. I’ve also encountered a few flaws, which I will address as well.

Slightly different dials

I purchased my Speedmaster Pro 310. in August 2021 after briefly debating whether I’d prefer the sapphire or the Hesalite version. The sapphire model has a slightly different bracelet, with the small links surrounding the center link having a polished finish. It also features a sapphire case back and an applied Omega logo instead of a printed on one the dial. In addition, the sapphire version’s dial is a little bit darker and has clearer snailed finishing on the sub-dials. However, please note that this is not always the case! Omega had several different suppliers at some point to keep up with the demand, and you will also find dials in the sapphire version that is closer to the finishing of the Hesalite models. Perhaps needless to say, both these cheap Omega replica watches use the same 3861 movement.

Sapphire versus Hesalite — a €1,100 difference

Anyway, I went for the Hesalite version (I explained here why I did so). It’s just personal preference, and if I hadn’t owned the yellow (Moonshine) gold Speedmaster Pro with caliber 3861 and a display back, I might have gone for the sapphire version. From what I know and have heard, this is the first Moonwatch iteration of which the sapphire version sells in higher numbers than the Hesalite model. The Moonwatch with sapphire crystal, reference 310., costs €1,100 more than the Hesalite version, which has a retail price of €7,500.

Scuffs and marks

I try to rotate my top Omega copy watches, but the Speedmaster Professional 310. is always around. Basically, since the moment I bought it, it has not seen a safe from the inside. It was with me during my summer holidays, I’ve worn it during golf games, and it has accompanied me while traveling. It also shows, despite being careful with my stuff. The watch has indeed received some scuffs and marks. That said, it still looks pretty good, including the Hesalite crystal.

Polywatch or replace

You can be sure that an acrylic crystal will get scratched. Especially under a loupe or macro lens, you will see scratches clearly. If this bothers you, perhaps it would be wise to go for the sapphire version. If not, rest assured you can have the Hesalite crystal polished (using Polywatch) or replaced during a service.

Design aesthetics of the 105.012

The details of the Swiss movements replica Omega Speedmaster Professional watches are a step forward in comparison to the previous iteration(s). These include the step dial, the shape of the chronograph seconds hand, and the Dot Over Ninety bezel. My eyes are getting a bit weaker, so the actual enjoyment of these details exists merely through a loupe or macro lens. Omega also changed the shape of the case, reverting to the case used for the fourth-generation Speedmaster Professional from the 1960s (reference 105.012). I prefer this style case and bracelet over those of the previous model, which was also partially why I couldn’t resist the urge to add this reference 310. to my collection.

A new Speedmaster bracelet and a clasp upgrade

Since this model’s introduction, Omega also upgraded the bracelet’s clasp with a micro-adjustment system. I don’t have it on mine, but I will order the upgrade kit at some point (reference 117Z017553). Although I never care about extendable clasps too much, I noticed that during my last summer holiday (when it was hot in France), it would have been nice to have one. Oh well. Make sure that if you buy one today, it comes with an upgraded clasp.

You can swim with it!

What Omega has fixed with the Speedmaster Professional is its water resistance. Well, it was resistant to 50 meters before and used by NASA for EVA training — which takes place in the water — but swimming with it wasn’t a risk-free experience. Especially if you didn’t check for the gaskets every year, it became hazardous to use in water.

Certified by METAS

However, as you know, the current Speedmaster Pro Moonwatch is certified by METAS. This certification is not only for its accuracy but also proves the functionality of the power reserve and that the watch is water resistant to the specified depth. Inside the METAS lab in Omega’s HQ in Biel, Switzerland, all METAS-certified Master Chronometer watches are submerged underwater. Pressure is then gradually applied to the specified water resistance. In the case of the 2023 Omega Speedmaster fake watches, that’s up to 50 meters (167 feet). It’s still not the 100 meters that many (potential) buyers long for, but at least Omega gives a warranty that these new Speedmaster are water resistant and suitable for swimming. Still, make sure to have it checked regularly. You want to be sure that all the gaskets are in good condition.

More accuracy with caliber 3861

The Speedmaster didn’t only change aesthetically. As I already briefly touched upon, it also uses Omega’s caliber 3861. This movement is an evolution of the Lemania-based caliber 1861 that Omega used from 1996 to 2021. However, some improvements have been made. The silicon balance spring and the use of non-magnetic parts make it resistant to magnetic fields up to 15,000 gauss. It also uses Omega’s Co-Axial escapement. The movement is certified as a chronometer by COSC before it is cased and tested again by METAS, ensuring that the accuracy is guaranteed to be between +0 and +5 seconds per day on average. Omega didn’t request a chronometer certification for the previous caliber 1861 and only “advised” on its official website that it should run between -1 and +10 seconds per day on average.

Omega’s caliber 3861 was introduced in 2019 and used in that year’s Apollo 11 50th Anniversary limited editions and the 2020 Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award. I have to say that I am not too bothered by accuracy since I rotate my 1:1 replica Omega watches relatively often, but I haven’t noticed any weird deviations when wearing the watch. Also, when I put the Speedmaster Pro with caliber 3861 on our timing machine, it showed numbers within the Master Chronometer specification.

Not perfectly aligned

Owning the new super clone Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatches didn’t make me stop wearing the Moonshine Gold Speedmaster Professional or the Speedmaster Calibre 321. Still, I did notice that I prefer wearing it over the previous modern iterations (my last one being the reference 3570.50 from 2013) of the standard Speedmaster. It’s just a very good watch from a design and technical standpoint. The only thing I miss from the previous generation is the logo and text printed in a pyramid shape on the dial, but everything else about the dial makes up for it.

However, I did notice that the chronograph seconds hand does not perfectly align. It’s not visible to the naked eye, and even in the photos that Morgan Saignes took in our office, it is not very convincing. It’s pointing slightly to the left of the 60-second marker but still inside the 12-hour marker. It doesn’t annoy me since it is only visible with a loupe, but I can imagine those with OCD (and better eyes than me) have an issue with it.

The price of the current Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

Last but not least, Omega has gradually increased the price for this exact reference from €6,100 at the introduction to €7,500 today (and €8,600 for the sapphire reference 310. The price increases are now also becoming applicable in the USA and Canada, from what I’ve read, and are now similar to the prices in euros (including VAT).

Comparing the retail price of the current Speedmaster Professional to one of the previous iterations shows quite a difference (as Gerard did in his article here). Still, the watch has also become quite different and has seen an improvement in quality. What I like to do — except for complaining that everything has become so damn expensive these days, not only China AAA replica Omega watches — is see what else you can buy for this amount in the market.

Other iconic chronographs

I remember that one of my friends was once in the market for Omega Speedmaster Professional fake watches for men, and he told me that he also contemplated getting an IWC Pilot’s Chronograph not only for its looks but also for the steel IWC bracelet (at the time) that looked so good. The modern 41mm Pilot’s Chronograph version of that watch (IWC IW388113) now retails for €9,300.

Another chronograph that is considered iconic is the Breitling Navitimer. Available in many variations, the current 43mm model with B01 chronograph movement and stainless steel bracelet (reference AB0138211B1A1) retails for €9,150.

The TAG Heuer Monaco also comes to mind if you’re into iconic chronographs. The version with the crown on the left and pushers on the right, available on a leather strap, comes in at €7,900 (reference CAW211P.FC6356). It’s a bit difficult to sort out which Carrera model comes closest to the original, but the Glassbox models that debuted this year are available for under €6,500 on a leather strap.

The elephant in the room might be the steel Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, which was always more expensive than the Speedmaster Professional. Still, the Daytona needs to be mentioned regarding “iconic-ness” and storytelling. The steel Daytona ref. 126500LN retails for €15,100. But as you know, the wait for one will be long.

Some afterthoughts on the current Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

To conclude, the Omega Speedmaster Professional replica watches wholesale has become a more expensive watch, but it also offers better specifications than previous models and underwent a design upgrade. If you don’t care about these things, searching for a pre-owned model of one of the previous references will make sense. Compared to the competition of iconic chronographs, there’s a lot to choose from, and it also shows that the price for the Speedmaster Professional isn’t entirely out of whack. Today’s retail price wouldn’t stop me from buying one if I had not already, especially given the joy I experience from wearing this watch.

The Best Quality Fake Omega Speedmaster Professional Watches UK Celebrate Its 54th Anniversary As The Moonwatch

On July 21st, 1969, at 02:56 UTC, NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first to set foot on the Moon. Nineteen minutes later, his colleague Buzz Aldrin joined him, wearing Swiss made replica Omega Speedmaster Professional watches strapped over his space suit. The watch was not there by coincidence. Rather, it was the only one that had not failed NASA’s rigorous testing procedures.

As a watch enthusiast, you’ve probably heard the story of the Moonwatch a thousand times already. However, in case you’re new to UK AAA Omega fake watches or simply don’t mind hearing about it for the thousand-first time, here we go!

Astronauts Schirra, Slayton, and Cooper already wore a Speedmaster

The Omega Speedmaster Professional did not become the Moonwatch by sheer luck. Quite the opposite, in fact. For a long time, there was a rumor in the watch industry that NASA had simply purchased some cheap Omega Speedmaster replica watches at a jewelry store in Houston, and thus, it became the watch of choice. But this is NASA we’re talking about. There had to be some guidelines and rules when it came to purchasing equipment for astronauts. So let’s quickly step back even further in time to explain how the Speedmaster came to be the watch on astronauts’ wrists. The fact that Schirra, Slayton, and Cooper already owned a Speedmaster CK2998 wasn’t an influence.

How the Speedmaster became the Moonwatch

On Monday, September 21st, 1964, Flight Crew Operations Director Deke Slayton issued an internal memo that there was a need for a highly durable and accurate chronograph for the Gemini and Apollo flight crews. This request came from astronauts who approached Slayton seeking a watch they could use during training and flight. The memo landed on the desk of NASA engineer James Ragan, who then put together a request for quotation and sent it to about 10 different watch manufacturers, including Omega, Rolex, Longines, and Lucien Piccard.

It was between these four brands

Of the 10, only four responded — Rolex, Longines-Wittnauer, Hamilton, and Omega. Hamilton was immediately disqualified because its management thought it was a good idea to send a pocket watch instead of a chronograph wristwatch. In hindsight, this might have made the shortlist of the most awful mistakes ever made by a watch company. Only the other brands’ outright lack of response would top that list.

Longines, Rolex, and Omega put to the test

Longines-Wittnauer sent a reference 235T chronograph, Rolex US sent its reference 6238 chronograph, and Omega US sent the Speedmaster 105.003. An interesting side note is that both the Rolex 6238 (“pre-Daytona”) and the Longines-Wittnauer 235T were powered by a Valjoux 72 movement and the Speedmaster by the Lemania-based caliber 321.

How did NASA test the Speedmaster?

For the watch to be (flight) qualified for use by the astronauts, NASA came up with a set of tests designed to put these luxury Omega copy watches through hell.

    High-temperature test: 70° C for 48 hours, then 93° C for 30 minutes in a partial vacuum

    Low-temperature test: -18° C for four hours

    Vacuum test: heating in a vacuum chamber, then cooling to -18° C for several cycles

    Humidity test: ten 24-hour cycles in >95% humidity with temperatures ranging from 25° C to 70° C

    Corrosion test: exposure to an atmosphere of oxygen at 70° C for 48 hours

    Shock-resistance test: six shocks at 40 G in six different directions

    Acceleration test: progressive acceleration to 7.25 G for about five minutes, then to 16 G for 30 seconds on three axes

    Low-pressure test: exposure to 10-6 atmospheres of pressure at 70° C for 90 minutes, then at 93° C for 30 minutes

    High-pressure test: in an air pressure of 1.6 atmospheres for 60 minutes

    Vibration test: random vibrations on three axes between five and 2,000 hertz with an acceleration of 8.8 G

    Sound test: 130 decibels at frequencies from 40 to 10,000 hertz for 30 minutes

NASA’s qualification for the Speedmaster

NASA’s testing standards allowed each watch to show a maximum deviation of 6 seconds per day on average during normal use (again). According to official documentation that we’ve seen from Omega’s archives, it seems that the Rolex ref. 6238 failed the humidity test, with the movement simply coming to a stop, then failing during the high-temperature test. The Longines-Wittnauer 235T failed the high-temperature test as well when the crystal warped and came off. All tests were completed on March 1st, 1965. Interestingly enough, on March 23rd, 1965, the Speedmaster 105.003 was brought into space on the wrists of astronauts Virgil Grissom and John Young. Only a few months later, on June 1st, 1965, the Omega Speedmaster 105.003 received its qualification (not certification — NASA doesn’t certify anything!) to be used as the chronograph for all manned space missions.

Double-wristing with Ed White

Just two days later, on June 3rd, NASA astronaut Ed White wore not one but two top replica Omega Speedmaster 105.003 watches over his space suit during the first spacewalk performed by an American. Now that we know a bit about how the Speedmaster became NASA’s chronograph of choice (you can find a more in-depth story here), let’s move on to the next big thing that happened — Apollo 11.

Apollo 11 — who wore what?

Meanwhile, Omega continued to improve its Swiss movements Omega fake watches, including the fourth generation of Speedmasters (reference 105.012) with “Professional” in the name. The addition of “Professional” had little to do with NASA’s qualification as Omega had already used the title in 1964. Rather, Omega added it to reflect the updated case of this model — a 42mm asymmetrical case with lyre lugs and crown guards. These guards were there to prevent the pushers from getting damaged or even knocked off. The former Speedmaster generations featured straight-lug cases with smaller diameters (39.7mm for the 105.003 and CK2998 and 38.6mm for the CK2915 with steel bezels).

Omega then started shipping these 1:1 China Omega replica watches to NASA as well. This is how the famous Apollo 11 crew — Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins — all ended up wearing fourth-generation Speedmasters. Armstrong and Aldrin received the Speedmaster Professional ref. 105.012(-65 for Armstrong’s), and Collins wore a Speedmaster Professional 145.012-68 (which we covered here).

Internal NASA reference codes for the Speedmaster

These Omega super clone watches for sale all used the same internal NASA reference number — SEB1210039-002 (the 105.003 used the -001 designator) — engraved on the case back and a unique number engraved on the side of the case, near the lugs.

We don’t know where Buzz Aldrin’s Speedmaster is

Armstrong’s watch had serial number 46, Aldrin’s 105.012 had serial number 43, and Collins’s 145.012-68 had serial number 73. The story goes that Armstrong left his Speedmaster behind in the capsule as a backup for the malfunctioning board clock. Collins and Armstrong’s wholesale replica Omega Speedmaster Professional watches are now on display in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Apparently, Aldrin’s Speedmaster suffered a different fate and was lost during transportation to the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.

Earlier this year, Michael Collins passed away, leaving Buzz Aldrin as the only living Apollo 11 astronaut. Though his original Speedmaster may have been lost, rest assured that he is not without high quality Omega Speedmaster fake watches on his wrist.

No Speedmaster with caliber 861 on the Moon

The Speedmaster 105.003 and Speedmaster Professional 105.012 and 145.012 were worn to (and on) the Moon until the very last Apollo mission in 1972. But although Omega’s caliber 861 had already debuted in 1968, the Speedmaster Professional 145.022 with this movement never made it onto the Moon (only near it during Apollo 17 when astronaut Ron Evans used it as an onboard instrument). Omega stuck to shipping the Speedmasters with the NASA-qualified caliber 321.

Today’s Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

Though Omega briefly considered discontinuing it in the 1990s, the Speedmaster Professional remained in the catalog for all these years, even when it didn’t match the brand’s innovative product developments anymore. Not only that, but the manufacturing of the watch wasn’t so different from how it was decades ago. This changed in 2021 when Omega introduced the new online replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatches featuring caliber 3861.

A Master Chronometer Moonwatch

This is a Master Chronometer-certified movement with an average accuracy of +5/-0 seconds per day, anti-magnetism to >15,000 gauss, a Co-Axial escapement, and a silicon balance spring. This might not be the same movement that was on the Moon all those years ago, but it is very similar to the caliber 861 that NASA qualified in 1978 for the Space Shuttle program. It also greatly resembles Omega’s caliber 1861, one that was never qualified but still used by astronauts and cosmonauts leaving Earth via Russian soil. The METAS certification also covers water resistance by fully immersing the Omega fake watches shop in water, then applying pressure up to the guaranteed 50m mark.

Design cues of the new Moonwatch

Omega used the same case shape and dimensions as the fourth-generation Speedmaster, the 105.012/145.012 references. This means it has a 42mm case diameter and instantly recognizable lyre lugs. The dial and hands on the new model also look similar to the ones used in those references. It has a stepped dial and an identically shaped chronograph seconds hand. Whereas the original Moonwatch had an applied logo, you will only find this on the modern version with a sapphire crystal, while the Hesalite version features a printed logo on the dial. This helps to make a distinction between the two available variations. The sapphire version has a display back to showcase the beautiful caliber 3861. The Hesalite version is reference 310., and the sapphire version is reference 310. You can read our hands-on review of the modern Moonwatch here.

An additional modern Moonwatch

In 2019, Omega announced the return of its famous caliber 321. In July of that year, Omega revived it in the platinum Speedmaster Professional with an onyx dial and meteorite sub-dials. And in 2020, Omega introduced the steel Speedmaster Calibre 321, a watch based on the 105.003.

Gene Cernan’s watch

As a reference point for this recreation, Omega used the Moonwatch that Gene Cernan wore in 1972 as the last man on the Moon. It respects the dimensions and design of the original 105.003 Moonwatch but features a sapphire crystal and ceramic bezel. The reference number for this 39.7mm 1:1 quality replica Omega Speedmaster Calibre 321 watches is 311.