Daniel Craig Wearing Yet-To-Be-Released White Dial Luxury UK Replica Omega Speedmaster Watches At ‘Planet Omega’ In New York

This weekend marked the completion of Planet Omega – an exhibition held by the brand in New York City that saw a number of museum pieces put on display and an equal number of celebrities and luminaries (i.e. astronauts) come through. There were longtime ambassadors Nicole Kidman, Cindy Crawford, and her daughter Kaia Gerber – and there was the officially minted friend of the brand, actor Andrew Garfield, who took to the stage to introduce himself during an event we co-hosted last Monday.

But it wouldn’t have been a real Omega event without James Bond – and you can rest assured knowing that Daniel Craig made an appearance – a very meaningful appearance. Dressed in a tailored suit and tie complete with tie clip and pocket square, Craig not only wore cheap Omega replica watches, but one we have never seen before… because technically it doesn’t exist yet. Espionage at its finest.

Keen spotters have surely noted that Craig was wearing a mysterious white dial UK perfect Omega Speedmaster fake watches. A lot of you thought it was a Canopus white gold 3861 Speedmaster, but in reality, it was something else entirely: A speedy with punchy red Speedmaster text and black hands with white lume. The white or white-adjacent dial Moonwatch Speedmasters that I am aware of in the past few years have a Snoopy animation on the dial. The next closest thing is the aforementioned Canopus white gold Speedmaster 3861 – but that’s a silver dial.

It’s my understanding in talking to those who know – though Omega is not going to outright say this – that the high quality replica Omega watches worn by Craig last week is one that is set to be released in 2024 and that his wearing it is the first time anyone outside of Biel has seen it. That means it’s speculation time.

Now, looking at this one, the first thing that comes to mind for any Speedmaster lover is the “Alaska Project” watches – famous vintage (and reissued) white dial best Omega Speedmaster copy watches. The Alaska Project was Omega’s secret endeavor to create iterations of the Speedmaster that were purpose-built for space and future lunar missions. It was so secret that the name “Alaska” was chosen as misdirection. As Ben Clymer once pointed out, the watch has nothing to do with our northernmost state. It’s important to remember that the Speedy chosen for the lunar missions was but a standard model originally conceived as a racing watch. In the tail end of the ’60s into the early ’70s, Omega was ready to make true moon watches.

And it did so with the original Alaska Project prototypes and the Alaska Project II Speedmaster, which was also reissued in the mid-2000s as a white dial watch with capsule-shaped hands in the sub-registers and a red central chronograph hand. This design was carried into the Swiss movements replica Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch Mission to Mars watches as well. The red case material of the MoonSwatch is a callback to the red heat-shield cases of the Alaska Project watches.

If you strip the Alaska Project down to its essence, you’re basically looking at AAA replica Omega Speedmaster watches with a white dial and red accents, which is exactly what we have in the mystery watch worn by Craig at Planet Omega, though it doesn’t appear to go beyond those basics in terms of an Alaska Project callback. But it’s still an ex-secret agent sporting an ex-secret space watch homage (we think).

In fact, the Craig Speedy has more visual similarities with the white dial top fake Omega Seamaster Diver 300m watches in the current collection by way of the red script lettering. I would love to see these two side by side, as they would no doubt make a cool pairing. And then there’s the 1997 ref. 3593.20 Speedmaster for the Italian market, sometimes referred to as the “Albino Speedmaster.” The Craig watch looks effectively identical to this one with the addition of the red text and the all-black applied markers (if you look closely you can see some shadows coming off the markers, and the lume pips atop them).

But again, little to nothing is known about this 1:1 Omega replica watches as of yet, other than the fact that it appears to be steel, and that it appears on the wrist of one former James Bond – oh, and that it looks great with a suit. I’ve done my best to crop the (thankfully very high resolution) photo such that you can get a really good look at the dial design – notably the all-black text, the all-black hands with white lume, the white dial, and the red text on the brushed and polished bracelet (an indication that this has a sapphire crystal and an exhibition caseback).

Sometimes, as a brand ambassador, you get to make a truly splashy entrance, and Craig did just that at Planet Omega with this Omega super clone watches wholesale. We will have to wait until 2024 to find out – officially – what it is.

The Hot White Perfect UK Omega Speedmaster Professional Fake Watches

As a collector of cheap Omega Speedmaster replica watches, I have always been attracted to the variations with a white dial. I only succeeded in adding one to my collection (finally) in the early 2000s by acquiring the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonphase ref. 3575.20. It is the most gorgeous variation of the Moonphase models that I’ve ever seen, and I would like to highlight some other white-dial Speedy beauties today.

White-dial Speedmaster watches

The Omega Speedmaster debuted with a black dial in 1957, and it would not be until 1969 that Omega would show the watch with a “light” dial color (gold). A few Speedmaster Professionals have left the Omega headquarters with blue/gray-blue dials, which are incredibly rare. The first time Omega created a white dial for the Speedmaster was in 1970 with a model known as the Alaska Project, and the brand did so again in 1972 with the UK best fake Omega Alaska Project II watches. These two models were specifically developed and designed for use by astronauts. However, NASA never used these Alaska Project models. Still, Philip Corneille, an expert on space watches, discovered that cosmonauts used it in 1977. You can read about it on Corneille’s blog Moon Watch Universe here.

Alaska Project 2008

In 2008, Omega introduced a re-edition of the aforementioned watch, the Speedmaster Professional Alaska Project ref. 311. This beautiful white-dial top replica Omega Speedmaster Professional watches came with an additional outer red case, just like the one the Russian cosmonauts used. At first, this Alaska Project model wasn’t very popular. We must put this in perspective, though, as the demand for Speedmasters only increased rapidly a few years later. Omega produced only 1970 pieces of this model, which have since become a collectible Speedmaster variation.

The dial of this specific model was white, and the small rocket-style hands were black, whereas the chronograph’s second hand was red. This watch came equipped with a stainless steel bracelet and two additional white Velcro straps. Although I also neglected this luxury Omega copy watches at the start, it has become one of my favorite white-dial Speedmaster Professional models. The steel 42mm case is the same as the then-current reference 3570.50 and has the Lemania-based 1861 chronograph caliber inside. The dial and hands make it a Speedmaster with a very different look compared to the standard Moonwatch, though.

Silver Snoopy Award 2015

I believe that introducing this Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award model in 2015 drastically changed the game for Omega’s iconic chronograph. It sold out (or rather sold in to Omega boutiques and retailers) in a flash, and there has been an incredibly huge demand for these ever since. Omega only made 1970 of them, commemorating the year that Omega received the Silver Snoopy Award from NASA (you can read about it here). The black and white dial worked well with the famous beagle theme.

Some complained a bit about the text balloon on the dial or the printing of Snoopy in the sub-dial at 9 o’clock. Nevertheless, this model remains one of the most highly sought-after modern high quality Omega Speedmaster replica watches today. The Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award 2015 case was slightly different from the regular Speedmaster model at the time and had a snap-on case back. Omega put it on a matching black fabric strap with white stitching.

Apollo 11 35th Anniversary, Mitsukoshi, or Tokyo 2020

“Fowl play!” you could say. In 2003, Omega introduced a limited series of 300 Speedmasters with panda dials for the Japanese Mitsukoshi luxury department store. A late friend of mine was able to secure one back then, but many of those you see around now are modified standard Speedmasters. Omega wasn’t too careful about shipping around spare parts in those days, so this model was easy to recreate. One year later, Omega used basically the same design for the 35th-anniversary edition of the Swiss movements fake Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11 watches.

The difference is that it featured “July 20, 1969” printed in red on the dial and a commemorative case back showing the Apollo 11 eagle mission patch. This Speedmaster Professional ref. 3569.31 was limited to 3,500 pieces. In 2018, Omega introduced a set of 1:1 China Omega Speedmaster Professional super clone watches for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (postponed due to COVID-19). One of the five Speedmaster models, with its panda dial, was based on the Mitsukoshi/Apollo 11 35th-anniversary model. We covered them here.


This Omega Speedmaster Professional ref. 3593.20 (or 3893.20 on a leather strap), introduced in 1997 for the Italian market, doesn’t have a stark white dial. It’s more of a cream or off-white dial, at best. This replica Omega watches for sale commemorated the 40th anniversary of the Speedmaster (1957) and was limited to 500 pieces only. It used a sapphire crystal on both sides, so you could also observe the 1863 movement inside. This caliber was a more nicely decorated version of the standard Lemania-based 1861.

It was introduced around the same time as the 3570.50, the first Speedmaster Professional to use caliber 1861 and Super-LumiNova. The Speedmaster Albino dial and hands also featured Super-LumiNova. This Swiss made fake Omega watches is extremely popular with collectors and enthusiasts, but with only 500 pieces in existence, it is not easy to find. The clean dial makes it a very wearable and likable version of the classic Speedmaster Professional.

Apollo XIII prototype

Here’s the one Speedmaster you can’t have, no matter the funds you are willing to bring to the table. It’s a prototype of a Speedmaster Apollo XIII commemorative edition, and it resides in the Omega Museum in Biel. Many years ago — I think it was even during my first visit to the museum back in 2011 — I was able to take a picture of this specific Omega replica watches for men. The white dial has an Apollo XIII mission patch at 9 o’clock and is topped with blue hands. The dial and hands have tritium lume, as all Speedmasters did at the time (1995). Since this is a put-together watch, I assume that Omega just took an older bracelet (1171 or 1450) and used the caliber 861 chronograph.

Is it time for a new white-dial Speedmaster in the collection?

Omega introduced some other white-dial Speedmaster Professional models over the years. Among them are the bicolor versions from the 1980s as well as the Broad Arrow “Professional” models with a moonphase complication. The ones listed in this article are my favorites, though.

My apologies for the poor Photoshop skills, but the image above is just there to give you an idea of how white-dial wholesale replica Omega Speedmaster Professional watches could look today. As I’ve stated in other articles (and Mike also did here recently), I miss the days when Omega would please us Speedmaster enthusiasts with some variation on the Professional collection. I would love to see some (new) variations on the classic Speedmaster, and I wouldn’t mind adding a new white-dial version to my collection.