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The cheap Swiss Omega Speedmaster replica watches is easily one of the most iconic chronographs in existence. Introduced in 1957, it was originally devised for the racing tracks, before making history as the first timepiece worn in the cosmos. More than 50 years after its famous participation in the moon landing, the Speedmaster continues to pay homage to its rich space exploration heritage.

One collection that celebrates the brand’s pioneering spirit and remarkable contributions to space missions is the Dark Side of the Moon. Putting a modern twist to the classic Speedy, it salutes the first orbit of the moon through the use of avant-garde designs and advanced technologies. Not only do they exhibit a refined appeal — all pieces under this line are also made with premium materials and can catch everyone’s attention.

Here’s a closer look at the Omega Speedmaster Side of the Moon series:

Why is the collection called Dark Side of the Moon?

The Dark Side of the Moon series was launched at the 2013 Baselworld as a tribute to the Apollo 8’s legendary orbit that took place in December 1968. This expedition made history as the first manned mission to take humans to the moon and back.

All members of the Apollo 8 crew spent three days traveling the distance to the Moon. They entered lunar orbit on Christmas Eve, during which they held a live broadcast in which they showed pictures of the Earth and the Moon’s surface as seen from their spacecraft.

The Apollo 8 mission made NASA astronauts Frank Borman, James Lovell, and William Anders the first group of individuals to see the entirety of Earth, and the first to view the dark side of the Moon in person. The phrase ‘dark side of the Moon’ refers to the far, unseen lunar hemisphere that faces away from the Earth.

This enchanting natural phenomenon, together with the outstanding achievements of the Apollo 8 crew, inspired Omega to create the Dark Side of the Moon collection. The 1:1 wholesale Omega fake watches under this line began as blacked-out versions of the Speedmaster, made out of a single block of zirconium oxide ceramic.

Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Collection

Replica Omega Speedmaster Grey Side of the Moon Watches

The Grey Side of the Moon is a luxurious approach to the Speedy, with its grey ceramic construction and lush styling. Composed of two high quality replica Omega watches — the original Grey Side and the Grey Side Meteorite — this collection remains faithful to the distinguishing elements of the Speedy. These include the luminous MoonWatch-style hands and the legible tachymeter scale.

The ceramic case of the perfect 2024 copy Omega Grey Side of the Moon watches is expertly crafted from white ceramic that has been treated at high temperatures to achieve a striking metallic grey finish that mirrors the powdery texture of the lunar landscape. This specialized process not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the watch but also significantly increases its scratch resistance and durability, ensuring that the watch maintains its pristine appearance even under strenuous conditions. Moreover, the pushers and the crown are also made from the same ceramic, creating a cohesive and streamlined look that is both modern and functional.

A platinum 950 dial is made available in the original model, while the meteorite version has an acid-etched Gibeon meteorite dial with “Widmanstätten” patterns, reminiscent of the Moon’s surface and 18K Sedna gold hands and hour marker surrounds. The clasp of these top UK Omega replica watches, constructed from ceramic-covered titanium, underscores Omega’s commitment to using advanced materials that blend strength with comfort.

Much like the previous models, these watches rely on a Co-Axial Caliber 9300 with a 60-hour power reserve, combining Omega’s cutting-edge mechanical advancements with exquisite material craftsmanship to create a timepiece that is as robust as it is refined. This unique fusion of materials and technology exemplifies Omega’s dedication to innovation and its continuous pursuit of excellence in watchmaking.

Fake Omega Speedmaster White Side of the Moon Watches

Next, we have the White Side of the Moon, composed of crisp white ceramic timepieces with hints of red and black. A feminine take on the MoonWatch, all models under this line are brimming with class and elegance.

Each model in this collection is meticulously crafted from high-quality ceramic, renowned for its superb durability and scratch resistance. This material choice ensures that the pristine white finish remains unblemished over time, perfectly capturing the ethereal glow of the moonlight. The ceramic used is sintered at very high temperatures to achieve a hardness and color purity that rivals that of diamonds, ensuring that the watch can withstand the rigors of daily wear while maintaining its aesthetic integrity.

The best 2024 Omega super clone watches are available with either a smooth or a diamond-set bezel. The smooth bezel maintains a sleek and modern look, while the diamond-set bezel adds a layer of opulence, with each diamond meticulously selected and set to provide maximum brilliance and sparkle. The choice of bezel allows for personalization according to the wearer’s preference for subtlety or glamor.

The dials vary between polished ceramic, which provides a consistent and glossy finish, enhancing the watch’s luminous quality, and mother of pearl, which adds an iridescent depth and sophistication to the watch face. The soft colorway makes the Omega replica watches for men perfect all-rounders, adaptable to both casual and formal settings. The 18k white gold indices and hands not only complement the white ceramic beautifully but also add a touch of elegance and luxury. The use of white gold provides a subtle contrast against the bright white of the ceramic, highlighting the meticulous details of the watch face.

Omega Speedmaster Blue Side of the Moon Replica Watches

In 2017, Omega took the collection a step further with the Blue Side of the Moon edition, which takes its name from the dark blue sky. It shares the same dimensions and profile as the rest of the Dark Side collection, but in a rich blue ceramic case.

The Ceramic + Sedna Gold model exudes warmth and sophistication with its blend of Swiss made fake Omega watches‘ proprietary rose gold alloy, Sedna gold, and the deep blue ceramic. Sedna gold is carefully crafted to maintain its lustrous appearance over time, offering a timeless elegance that complements the deep blue tones of the ceramic case. This model embodies a harmonious fusion of materials, where the warmth of the gold accentuates the coolness of the ceramic, creating a captivating visual contrast.

The Ceramic + White Gold model offers a cooler, more understated elegance with its use of white gold accents against the backdrop of the vibrant blue ceramic. White gold lends a subtle yet luxurious touch to the timepiece, enhancing its overall sophistication. The juxtaposition of the bright white gold with the deep blue ceramic creates a dynamic interplay of light and color, resulting in a timepiece that is both visually striking and inherently elegant.

Moreover, it is powered by the Caliber 9904, enhancing its functionality with the addition of a moonphase indicator to the chronograph and date functions featured in other Dark Side models. Displayed at 6 o’clock is the accurate Moonphase indicator composed of a blue ceramic disc and the near and far sides of the moon in LiquidMetal™.

Skeletonized Versions

Omega also unveiled special iterations of the luxury replica Omega Speedmaster Dark Side watches featuring skeleton dials: the Apollo 8 Tribute and the Alinghi Dark Side of the Moon. The Apollo 8 Ref. 311. commemorates the 50th anniversary of NASA’s Apollo 8 mission, while the Alinghi celebrates Omega’s partnership with the Alinghi sailing team.

Boasting a blackened hand-wound movement with patterns that mirror the surface of the moon, the Speedmaster Apollo 8 Tribute has a black ceramic case and a crown filled with Super-Luminova. Its black dial makes the yellow accents and white markers pop, while the caseback is engraved with the words “WE’LL SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE,” spoken directly by Jim Lovell during the first phase of the Apollo 8 mission.

Meanwhile, the Speedmaster Alinghi features a striking red and black color scheme, a tactical time display, and an anodized aluminum disc with the Alinghi logo, which rotates whenever the chronograph complication is initiated. Inside, this watch runs on a manual-wind Caliber 1865, adorned with honeycomb patterns reminiscent of the interiors of the Alinghi TF35 catamaran hull.

Omega Speedmaster Side of the Moon Collection – Final Thoughts

With their superbly executed designs, highly versatile looks, and robust performance, all perfect China fake Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon watches will surely stand the test of time.

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