Daniel Craig Returns As Benoit Blanc, Solving Crimes While Wearing A Special UK 1:1 Fake Omega Seamaster In ‘Glass Onion’

If you’re a movie buff, you know Rian Johnson from his impressive filmography. If you’re a fake watch nerd (I mean, you’re here, aren’t you?) Then you might know him as that watch-obsessed director who went on H Radio to profess his love for a vintage Speedy and an aaa replica Rolex Explorer 1016.
If you haven’t yet seen the making-of-documentary The Director and the Jedi, following the creation of Johnson’s own Star Wars flick, The Last Jedi (2017), you’re missing out on some great Johnson watch spotting. It was after that film that he detoured from a galaxy far far away and created his original, Agatha Christie-esque whodunit, Knives Out, which follows private investigator Benoit Blanc (played by Daniel Craig) as he solves a murder opposite a true ensemble cast. The movie was a hit, and now we have another one. It’s called Glass Onion. In it, Craig revives his southern drawl and wears a copy Omega for sale watch from a brand he is all too familiar with.

Why We’re Watching
This past weekend, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery wrapped a very limited theatrical run on approximately 600 screens, raking in an impressive $13 million at the box office in the process. The reason for this brief run is that, unlike the first film, Glass Onion is a Netflix property and is set to hit the streaming platform right around Christmas. That means that this movie is both out, and not out. As such, and given the genre of the film, I will shy away from any sort of spoilers and will keep plot points light as a feather.

The overall conceit of the film is a murder mystery party-turned-actual murder party. It takes place on a private island owned by Miles Bron (played by Edward Norton), who invites his friends – the film’s star-studded cast, which includes Dave Bautista, Kate Hudson, Kathryn Hahn, Janelle Monáe, and Leslie Odom Jr.– to partake. One surprising invitee is Blanc, who finds himself in a confusing situation where he is using his PI talents on a make-believe murder and is then thrust into the middle of an actual crime. All the while, Johnson, through his deft direction and talents as a screenwriter, keeps things light and quite hilarious.

In his second stint as Benoit Blanc, Craig wears what looks from afar to be a vintage Seamaster, but is actually a modern throwback: The cheap fake Omega Seamaster 1948. The watch takes its cues from its eponymous year, harkening back to the days when a Omega Seamster replica for sale was no dive watch, but more a field watch with some water resistance. This revival piece features Arabic 12, three, and nine numerals, as well as a small seconds subdial where the six would be. The case, at a very wearable 38mm, is fashioned in stainless steel and the silver dial is domed. The high quality replica Omega UK was limited to 1,948 pieces and Craig wears his on what looks to be the OEM brown leather strap.

It feels very fitting for Blanc, with his southern aristocratic manner, to wear a classic copy watch like this in such a classic size. It pairs well with his wide array of outfits that look pulled straight from a 1940s catalog. In the film, Blanc wears the high quality copy watch almost constantly, save for scenes by the pool or near water. No need to get a perfectly good strap like that wet. It’s also fun, in an insidery kind of way, to see Craig continue the Swiss movement replica Omega Seamaster tradition in a different film franchise.

When We’re Watching
Early on, as we are watching the characters arrive at Bron’s impressive island, it becomes clear that Blanc’s invitation may have been a mistake. At the very least, he wasn’t invited by the host. And so Bron invites Blanc up to chat in his lavish office, complete with a sports car on the roof. As the two try to sort out how and why Blanc has gotten there, we get a nice semi-clear glimpse of the vintage-meets-modern Omega Seamaster fake for sale on his wrist. It goes great with his pink shirt.
Later, things begin to get crazy. Let’s just say the murder mystery has gone awry and Blanc finds himself in conversation with one of the partygoers, Andi Brand (played by Monáe). It’s dark outside, and the two are having a chat that I won’t describe so as not to spoil the plot. During this brief conversation, Blanc’s Swiss movement fake Omega Seamaster catches the light just so – giving us a look at the 38mm stunner under the moonlight.

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