Three New UK Best Replica Omega Watches With The MoonSwatch ‘Mission On Earth’

What We Know

If you thought Omega and Swatch were out of tricks to come up with new variations of the MoonSwatch, well, all I can say is you don’t know MoonSwatch. The two brands just dropped three new collaborative Omega replica watches for sale today, and unlike the year full of “Full Moon” subtle variants and two Snoopy-inspired releases, these are Earth-inspired and pretty damn creative.

Above, you’ll see the “Mission on Earth – Polar Lights” variation with a turquoise (well, very green-ish turquoise) case and handset and a dial studded with little “stars” of tiny silver-colored flakes inspired by aventurine glass dials. Below you’ll also see the online fake Omega “Mission on Earth – Desert” fake watches comes in a sand color, and the dial and strap come in greige (taupe), inspired by the deserts that cover one-fifth of the world’s landmass.

Finally, there’s the “Mission on Earth – Lava,” inspired by the hot, flowing substance that comes out of the roughly 1,670 active volcanoes (along with hot ash and gas, of course). But even cooler, this one is also an homage to the Speedmaster “Ultraman” with the orange seconds hand. The numerals and indexes on the three subdials use the radial format, just like the AAA UK replica Omega Speedmaster watches in Omega’s Alaska II and III projects.

All three Swiss made Omega copy watches are available at “selected” Swatch stores (though its unclear how the stores are, indeed, selected) on Saturday, June 15, for $300.

What We Think

It’s hard to believe we’re past the two-year anniversary of the MoonSwatch. And passing that date, Swatch has slowly been coming back down to Earth with its recent perfect replica Omega watches.

At first, we had most of the major celestial bodies in our solar system (including our own). That kicked off the frenzy that brought luxury Omega fake watches into the broader world in a way we haven’t seen in a long time. Then we got the “Mission to Moonphase” watches that tapped into Snoopy’s power and even got me to pick up my first MoonSwatch. But these are the first MoonSwatch models dedicated to looking more deeply at the big floating rock we call home. While I may sometimes suffer from MoonSwatch fatigue, you have to admit the power they’ve had at bringing “Average Joes” into the watch space, and even I have to say – these new high quality super clone Omega watches are pretty cool.

Judging from the pictures, the new “Polar Lights” might be my favorite, with that sparkly aventurine-esque dial. The inspiration for the “Lava” release being the Speedy “Ultraman” is a nice nod from Omega and proof that the two brands are certainly aware of the passion that collectors have for the esoteric things that make the real Speedmaster variants so collectible. The “Desert” sand-colored model is maybe the least exciting of the three and somewhat reminiscent of the wholesale replica Omega “Mission to Saturn” and “Mission to Jupiter” watches – both of which were successful models because of their more conventional coloring.

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